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This site is built to support and equip you with the information you needed for your journey in JM Ocean Avenue and Freedom FaithNet Global. 

Thanks to our amazing top global leaders who put an unbelievable effort to make and compile this very high quality materials. They have been using this files to train thousands of people.

This will equip you with amazing knowledge about FFG Support System.

This site is built for you and your team only.
Keep attending our regular training; maximize and utilize all the things you're about to discover.

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" Build Leaders and the Leaders will Build the Organization"
Dr. WS Yong

What is a Support System?

Support System is a standard operating system that has a step-by-step procedure that everyone follows. So whoever that person is, regardless of any background and experience, they will still be able to do the business easily as long as they follow and work within the system. It's easier to duplicate it down the network, regardless of the size of their organization. Even with no experience in this kind of business!


For example:

We all know McDonald’s fast food chain. One of the most successful fast food chains in the world. Why is McDonald’s expanding rapidly and has developed an incredible chain of stores around the World? This is because they have established the same STANDARD OPERATING SYSTEM worldwide.


If you want to establish a ‘Passive Income’ in the Network Marketing business, you need to have a “Support System”. A system that can help you to duplicate the exact same working standard like what McDonald is providing.

The Amazing Support System

Freedom Faithnet Global is a multi-awarded, worldwide support system that provides one of the most powerful and high quality education training in the world. Consequently, tools and processes are systematically provided to further bolster your capacity to build strong business organizations and ultimately establish a lasting success system. FFG further develops the individual holistically as a better person and an effective humble leader.

FFG (Freedom Faithnet Global) is a Support System founded by three top global leaders;

Dr. Teh (Teh Sor Hoon)

Dr. Yong (Yong Woon San)

Prof. Onggy Hianata.


These three co-founders are already very successful in their respective field of businesses when they joined JM Ocean Avenue.


Dr. Yong (Yong Woon San) & Dr. Teh (Teh Sor Hoon)

After accumulating years of experience and achievements in direct sales and with great vision and bravery, Dr. Yong Woon San and Teh Sor Hoon set up Multi-pure, a company specializing in direct sales in 1990. The Company quickly grew into a star corporation with great reputation in direct sales in Malaysia. For two years in a row, Multi-pure won the awards of “The Best Product Strategy” and “The Most Outstanding Product” elected by the magazine “Direct Sales Today”.


Prof. Onggy Hianata

Prof. Onggy is the founder of EduNet, an organization in Indonesia that conducts a “life-changing” Boot Camps, etc.


With the vast experience of these three co-founders, including the teachings and experiences they learned from their respective mentors, combined is a total of more than 200 years of rich business and network experience all rolled into one amazing and proven SUPPORT SYSTEM!

What can Freedom FaithNet Global provide you?

FFG’s beliefs, values and purpose are our driving forces—to motivate us, to push us towards a greater vision, goals and missions. If you don’t know what drives you, you cannot motivate yourself to be more effective or press your own triggers to get the results you want from life.

1. Effective learning on the way to build a huge network.

2. Provides Mental Development seminars (Boot Camps, etc.)

3. High quality training materials and outstanding tools for business organization such as: CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc

4. Effective and powerful reading materials

5. Standard business presentation (Welty Show)

6. Conducts routine seminars/training such as:

Welty Cell, FFG Orientation, Network Camp, Dynamic & Appreciation Night (D&A Nite), Annual Freedom Celebration (AFC), etc.

7. Mentoring Program

8. Other tools

Freedom FaithNet Global Profile

University of Life: Life Changing Education

Education is one of the most important investments to succeed in any endeavor. Regardless of academic level, financial situation, or professional career, FFG empowers you and strengthen your resolve to be the best.

Value Your Life: A Life Changing BootCamp

This “Value your Life Boot Camp” is a three-day training facilitated by Freedom FaithNet Global (FFG) Chief Mentor and Co-Founder Prof. Onggy Hianata with the aid of FFG’s top global leaders. Thousands of individuals worldwide have benefited from this amazing training; relationships were mended, addictions stopped, emotional baggages unloaded, dreams realized, and PEOPLE DISCOVERED AND UNLEASHED THE GIANT WITHIN!

Value Your Life: A Life Changing BootCamp 

As part of the FFG process to attaining success, the BootCamp helps participants improve the aspects of their lives (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, familial, social) and thus improve their relationships with themselves and other people.

Most motivational camps have only a short term effect. Participants normally just feel the motivation for days and weeks. Now I finally realized that not only we need just motivation but also a community to continuously maintain our optimism and positive attitude.

This camp does not focus on religion, business or any particular topic but the effect is so life changing. Thousands of people have stopped smoking, taking drugs, inflicting abuse and many other bad habits vanished. This camp also promotes world peace. This camp is so amazing 

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program is a fast track program for you to succeed in the Network Marketing Business. Building a sustainable network over time is the key to survival and success in this business. Mentoring program will show you the first steps you have to take in establishing yourself in this powerful and life-changing business.

If you are just a beginner whatever background; Mentoring Program will give you the focus you need to establish yourself in this business without the need of any trials or errors. Years of experience have proven that Mentoring Program is the most effective and efficient system to achieve Financial Freedom and Time Freedom. All you have to do is to trust your Mentors/ leader and let them show you the way to realizing your dreams.

Commitment, Persistence and Determination are also key factors to be a huge success in this business. 

Objectives of Mentoring Program

1.To be a professional network builder.

2.To have standardization work regime for easy duplication.

3. Assist networker step by step to achieve financial freedom and time freedom, even if they have no experience in network marketing.

4. To accelerate the achievements of personal dream and vision.

5. As learning process for personal and team work development.

6. To build the network quickly and efficiently using the work smart method without having to go through trials and error.

" The road to success is paved with detours. Follow a plan and check your course "  

Levels of Leadership


Star WelCom

Star Leader


Executive Mentor

Senior Mentor

Grand Mentor

Grand Mentor Star 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

" Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination "

Benefits of a Mentor

1. Allowed to participate in our Exclusive Mentor trainings, meetings and events.

2. Fulfilled one of the requirements of our exclusive "Financial Freedom Club".

3. Qualified to guide and give technical consultation to your network.

4. Qualified to conduct certain levels of training.

5. Eligible to get Personal Financial Management Training from Chief Mentors.

6. Eligible for the Mentor's Code of Honour guidance.

7. Eligible for direct special consultation with Chief Mentors.

The Essence of Passion

" Passion is powerful, nothing was ever achieved without it and nothing can take its place "

Freedom FaithNet Global Orientation (FFGO)

FFG Orientation: Bring out the GIANT in You!The FFG Orientation is a two-day inspiring event that covers several topics such as, dreams, goals, vision,mindset, leadership, business, family relationship,habits, etc. It is a very enriching experience for many of us. Many FFGO participants come from various places around the world and from the host country. Attending it many times over is a great advantage because the focus, the delivery and the wisdom shared is constantly evolving. Our chief mentors are highly energetic and inspiring, delivering continuous high energy talk non-stop.

They are so full of enthusiasm, wisdom, heart and humor. Be reminded of your priorities; value your own life, your time, your family and your dreams. Transform your mindset and your finances. Continuously build a good attitude towards learning. 

See people changed from ‘zero to hero’. See people discover their purpose in life. Be amazed by the FFG community where you could grow and develop personally and professionally. Gradually learn the makings of a great leader. Make a difference not only to your family, but also to your community, your country and then the world. FFGO is now being conducted in many countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.

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